This is Racing and it's Racing with rules.

And we ask that they be used to the best of your ability. Welcome and We hope you have great fun here.

All your questions can be asked and answered and found on the forum & web page. There is no need to wait until 3 min before race start and ask silly questions that you should all ready know by taking a few minutes and reading it here or in the forum. 

There is no Chat in Qualifying or Race, Chat in practice or warm up only. (5 sec) penalty, no excuses.. 

USF1 Race settings: 

Driver/Team Championship Points Dispersion: 30-27-25-23-21-19-18-17-16-15-14-13-12-11-10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1. 

Parce Ferme (On).  

Flags: Full.  

Mechanical failure: Normal.  

Fuel: Normal - In 2014 there is No Re - Fueling during the race (Your Starting Fuel Load is up to you). 

Damage: 20%.

Pit stops: 1 pit stop is Mandatory. Both tyre compounds made available for the race must be used at least once during the GP.

Race restarts:

There are no race restarts @ USF1. But if there is a Restart called By Admin's. Restarts will only be for the following reasons: 1. The server crashes: With in 10 laps of the race the server will be restarted and the race will be redone. 2. The server crashes: between 11% and 49% of the race will be rescheduled for the following open day. 3. The server crashes: after 50% of the race will be declared finished and the results will be as they are at the time of the crash. All drivers are required to reboot their computers before rejoining the race. Major accident at first turn where 50% of the field is lost. Major accidents were 50% of the field is lost in the first lap. If your personal connection crashes this is not a server crash and the race will not be restarted. If the above happens do not leave right away or put down mutable chat messages be patient. With in all of the above there is only one restart. So watch the first turn. The race cannot be won there but it can be lost. And 50% does not mean 1 or 2 drivers so don't ask.


DR- Driving View ( Cockpit Only). 

ST - Steering Assist (Banned). 

OP - Opposite Lock Assist (Banned). 

SP - Spin Recovery (Banned). 

BP - Braking Point Assist (Banned). 

SC - Stability Control (Banned). 

TC - Traction Control (Banned). 

AB - Anti-Lock Brakes (Banned). 

SH - Auto Shift (Banned).  If you have special needs please contact admin.

CL - Clutch Assist (Allowed). 

IN - Invulnerability (Banned). 

LC – Launch Control (NA)


We race full distance. Please note that you are required to complete 7 laps of the race. If you DNF under the required 7 lap distance but still show a points paying position you will not receive those points. Please be on time and ready to race to be fair to others we will be starting the race on time so don't be late. 

League Stewards will issue penalties.


Smallest penalty: 2 sec time penalty Largest penalty 1 min 50 sec time penalty.  

Disqualification: Smallest penalty one Race Largest penalty Entire season. 

Qualification Penalty: Dis Qualification of your time and relagated to the back of the grid (B.O.G.)

The above penalties are at The Stewards discretion. All time penalties will be applied for the current race. All B.O.G. Penalties will be appiled to the next race that driver enters. 

From the Stewards : We will be watching the replays for infractions. But we are Human and can miss something so protest will still be welcomed and are a vital part of this racing league as it can and make us all better and safer drivers. Protests can be made via pm to any admin. or posted at the 2014 protest section in the forum. All violations that are being looked at will be announced in the protest section in the forum and can be discussed with in 24 hour's of the protest to defend said infraction. Please be intelligent in your discussion as disrespecting the Stewards or the league drivers will get you nowhere and more then likely get your defense discounted as gibberish. So calm down and keep a cool head. Rulings are final once announced as such by USF1 Management & The World Sports Motor Council.

The Steward's Racing Rules:

  1. Two wheel rule: Two wheels on track at all times, the thin white or yellow line. You must do your best to keep two wheels on or inside these lines. The outer edge of the curb is considered the line.
  2. Off Track: After going off track, driver must return to the track in a safe manner. Driver should regain a sufficient amount of speed before re-entering the racing line.
  3. Hit from behind: Any driver that hits another driver from behind, and causes said driver to crash or spin. Receives a B.O.G. Penalty at the next race he enters. Should there be more than one incident during a single race for this infraction it will be the stewards job to apply further santions.
  4. Pit exit lane: You are not allowed to cross this line. Stay on the inside of this line until you are clear of the exit.
  5. Chat There is no chat in Qualifying or Race. If you have something to say wait for Warm up session or post race.


Yellow flags: Under a yellow flag, all drivers must be ready for what is ahead of them. There is no overtaking in the yellow flag zone. If a driver does overtake and does not slow down to allow the driver to regain their position, they will be penalized.

Blue flags: These are self-correcting but if the driver in front hasn't allowed the pass to take place by the end of the next straight then feel free to follow them forcing the "Drive through penalty" to trip. If the driver continues to ignore the drive through they will receive a black flag. Back markers beware, you can hold drivers up as long as you dare but you may suffer a drive threw if not prudent. We don't expect every driver to just roll over when the front-runners make their way to you, just that you offer the yield when it's safe to do so. We would also like to caution front runners that if you cause an incident when overtaking a back marker you are subject to the fair passing rules under corner rights above.

Red flags: On seeing (Red Flag) message from admin's you are required to leave the race (Hit ESC key) Once every driver is out, We will restart the race go directly to Qualifying run your best lap and go to race.


Both Qual sessions are low fuel sessions, Q1 is open settings, Q2 is Parc Ferme. You will be able to change your Fuel load after Q1.

Top 10 drivers from Q1 move to Q2.

Once you log 1 timed lap in Q2 you will only be able to make adjustments to the following in warm up and race sessions. (Write it down):

Plese Note - In Q2 your tire wear will carry over for the top ten. Q2 drivers will have to start the race with the tyre compound they qualified on. The rest of the drivers can change compound..


If you can get back to the pit for repairs with out interfering do so, if you can't please remove yourself from the track by hitting the ESC key. Under race conditions don't park your car on the track at any time if you cannot drive it or get to the pits hit the ESC key. A stopped car causing continued Yellow flag would be considered a race hazard.

First corner:

This is a big problem in sim racing and will be dealt with severely. If you hit someone or have been hit go and get your repairs and get on with it. The Stewards will deal with the incident very harshly. On a first corner incident where a driver hits another car causing an accident. You must make sure you are clear to re - enter the track.

USF1 Server:

We are on a dedicated server that is up 24/7 unless being updated or worked on. If you do not see the server in Rfactor please refresh a couple of times. It is always a good idea to bookmark the server for easy access USF1 we will be using a Password to connect to our sever, The password will be sent via E-Mail and is in the forum. Do not give out the password to non- members of USF1. 

Most of the above is standard for racing leagues so we all know these rules.  

Any race reports and appeals and questions or discussions on rules can be done at the race protest 2014 section in the forum or via PM  

These rules where not put together to take away your fun, they where made to insure fair and fun races.  

Thank you.  

The USF1 administrators


Spain, May 11th, 2015

9:20pm ET

2015-05-11 21:20:00 GMT-05:00

Spa - May 3rd, 2015

09:30pm ET

2015-05-03 21:30:00 GMT-05:00